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How to Make Realistic Human Eyes Inexpensively

     How to Make Realistic Human Eyes Inexpensively


       This eye was created for less than $10.

We have developed a system for making eyes that requires very little skill or practice. For less than $40.00, you can have enough materials to make hundreds of these extremely realistic eyes!

These movie-quality eyes are perfectly human sized, (they even have the corneal bump often missing in mass produced eyes). This system requires no special tools and was developed by a professional Special Effects artist who has worked in the industry for over a decade.

For $11.00 we will send you a full color instruction booklet, loaded with pictures and a list of all the supplies and where to get them. Plus, you will be able to contact us with any questions you may have while making eyes.

Now you can get the new, online version, so you can start making eyes right away! To avoid waiting for the mail and for checks to clear, order using the Paypal link below, and specify the online version in your order, and you'll be able to start making eyes in hours, not days (we need a little time to generate your unique user ID)! Sorry, but due to demand we no longer offer the printed version of the booklet.

You may also order Eye base blanks, already made for $10.00 Each

Iris color sheet of 60 for $40.00 (See Samples of colors available here)

For instant ordering use PayPal click here:

For more information or to order by mail click here: Questions and Ordering

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